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Power Wheelchair Buying Guide


Mobility aids are required by many people to help them ease moving around. It may be as a temporary arrangement or permanent as the case may deserve. This may come at a later age in life as a result of old age or be disabled or as a remedy for those who suffered an injury. There are different types of mobility aids; we have the traditional wheelchair and the newer power wheelchairs. We have electric mobility scooters too which are similar to power wheelchairs; the difference is scooters have a front section, and they possess handlebars with which you can steer them rather than a joystick present on one of the armrests like in the power wheelchairs. 

To use the typical, non – electric wheelchair, the user has to be strong and have enough power to turn the wheels themselves or as an option have someone to push them around. This is a grueling task and at times totally impossible for the elderly or those who has little strength in their upper body. Sticking with the option of being pushed around out rightly cancels the independence of such user of the wheelchair and limits the chance of privacy. 

Power wheelchairs also called electric wheelchairs are a superb means of transportation, they are operated by the battery and controlled by a simple joystick making it possible for the weakest of user to sit in them and move around with ease comfortably. A user can have his/her independence back in one of these power wheelchairs, moving around the home, going out to anywhere with little or no help from anybody.

When trying to buy power wheelchairs, there are some factors you need to put into considerations; these factors will serve as your buying guide. The first factor to consider is the make. A front or mild wheel drive cannot reach the same speed at which the rear wheel drive can reach, but what they lacked in speed limit, they make up with their great turning capability. So when considering the place to use it such as around the home, the front and mid wheel drive is the best option for around the house movement, while the rear wheel drive is best suited for outdoor uses. Places like the shopping mall, on long straight roads, and even to the park because of their top speed range.

Power wheelchairs are very many that one can get through purchase. Your choice can be determined by the kind and frequency of use. Other factors to also consider when buying a power wheelchair are a source of power, warranty, the cost and size, weight of the user, then also the weight capacity of the chair and how efficient is the use wherever it is required.

Part of your buying guide to consider include, the frame of the wheelchair whether it be rigid or foldable, the wheels whether it be a free wheel or front wheel. Points to also consider includes foot and armrest whether it is detachable, swing away or elevating. They could also be adjustable to give room for both height and angle of placement

Most recently power wheelchairs are being customized to suit the needs of a user. There have being additions with advanced technologies like hydraulic systems, spring suspension, and pneumatic wheels just so to improve the strength and durability of power wheelchairs. 

The above points are just tip of the iceberg in your buying guide when you are considering buying a power wheelchair. Some other factors to consider are the chair backrest measurement, is it capable of reclining or foldable, the dimension of the wheel chair’s seat, the fabric, the kerb climbers, the controls, the hand or automatic brakes and also if it is to be fitted with lights. Some other attachable that you can add to a seat belt, tray, and anti – tap bars, drink holders, crutch holders, and bags.

For older people who are aged and cannot move around freely, the residential power chair lift is a great and useful mobility aid for them. These power wheelchairs are available at reasonable prices and also very easy to install. To buy these residential power wheelchairs, you have to consider the requirement of the user majorly. Maybe it is for someone who is an older adult or for someone with a disability. You will also consider if it is strictly for moving around or for moving a particular thing.

There are sophisticated power wheelchairs that can even allow a user to get access to uplifted areas around the house like on the cupboards, high shelves, etc. If you are someone who owns a vehicle, you will find that the residential power wheelchair can help your loved one's board and exit your vehicle with ease with little or no difficulty and even little assistance from anyone.

Another factor to consider when buying a power wheelchair is the technology involved in the functionality of such power wheelchair. More emphasis is being placed on the safety and durability of the wheelchair during the manufacturing process. We have two types, the hydraulic wheelchair, and the electric power wheel. While the hydraulic power wheelchair enjoys more patronizing because it can be easily operated anytime and they are extremely durable, they can also be operated without electricity even during power outages; the electric version is much cheaper, easy to maintain and noiseless during operation. There is also the DC and AC electric power wheelchair where the DC version can be operated during power outages.

Also when buying a power wheelchair, you have to consider the safety aspect. This is one critical aspect that you must not ignore. Always makes user there are regular safety features incorporated into the design of the power wheelchair. Something likes an emergency button in case of emergency. There are diverse of portable and at the same time stylish designs from which you can choose. Most users go for these designs nowadays as it reduces the chances of accidents and provides safety to users.

The above tips, if followed should be enough to serve as a good buying guide for you when you are considering of getting a power wheelchair either for your elderly ones or some close to you who suffers injury.